Phone: +36 20 543 4444 (08.00-20.00)


Our hotel operates a room opening system that can be controlled from a mobile phone. Our guide for managing the GUESTADVISOR application required for room opening can be downloaded from the ROOMS menu item on the website. Please download the application before arriving at the hotel and complete the entire process, for which we will send you the necessary codes after finalizing your reservation.

Customer information

Address: Muzsla út 3-5, 3232 Mátrafüred.
Phone: +36 (20) 354 4444 (between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.)
Company name and account number: 4 Évszak Mátra Kft., 3232 Gyöngyös, Pálosvörösmarti utca 70. CIB Bank Zrt: 10700299-67907241-51100005

The nearest ATM: Mátrafüred, Parádi út (4 Évszak next to Palóc Bistorant on the buffet line)
We provide a change of bed linen at least twice a week, in case of a longer stay here.
A high chair is provided on request, a baby bottle warmer, a baby bed, a baby bath, and a children's playset can be requested.

The room can be reserved on the day of arrival between 15:00 and 20:00.
Check-out on the day of departure between 08:00 and 10:00.
Staying longer in the room or using the wellness after check-out is only possible if they stay as part of an extension (extra charge). If they use this service, they can stay in the room and in the hotel area until 15:00. Please discuss your needs with the sales manager in advance.

Our hotel has a video surveillance and recording system. Security service (for personal and property protection) is available 24 hours a day.

The entire area of ​​the hotel is non-smoking. Smoking may only take place in the area designated by the sign next to the main entrance. The guests and any person staying in the hotel area are obliged to comply with the law and to comply with any notice. If, due to the illegal behavior of any guest or other person staying on the hotel premises, the hotel operator is fined by the competent authority based on the referenced legislation, the operator reserves the right to pass on the amount of the fine to the person who has shown illegal behavior, or to have it paid by him demand it.
In case of smoking in the rooms, the guest who smokes is obliged to pay an additional cleaning fee of HUF 100,000, which will be charged to the room bill.

In case of health complaints, you can ask for medical help at the reception. Fever meter, band-aid, pain and fever reliever, calcium, etc. can also be requested at the reception.

Doctor: Mátraháza Mátra Hospital, +36 37/574 500
The nearest dentist: 21-23 Batthyány Lajos tér, 3200 Gyöngyös. +36 37/302-183
Pharmacy: Benu Gyöngyös Gyöngyös, Páter Kiss Szaléz u. 22, 3200 Tel: +36 37 500 573

In the area of ​​our hotel, it is also possible to charge electric cars (with Type2 connection) (for a separate fee). For more information, please contact our receptionist.

220V/50Hz alternating voltage (AC) is available everywhere in the building.
An umbrella is available at the reception.

They can have lunch and dinner in the A' la carte system at the 4 Évszak Palóc Bistorant in Mátrafüred, for which we provide HUF 1,000/adult/day lunch and dinner coupons according to our current offer. The restaurant's offer also includes dishes catering for special needs and children's menus.

Address: 4 Évszak Palóc Bistorant, 3232, Mátrafüred, Parádi út 8.
Our menu: Phone: (06 37) 630 863
Order for room or hotel:

Regardless of the period, the number of people, or the type of room, it is necessary to transfer an advance payment or provide a bank card guarantee.
The order must be guaranteed until the 5th working day after the confirmation of the order by entering bank card details or paying in advance to our bank account number.
Dear Guests, please indicate your billing address in the notice:
4 Season Mátra Kft.,
3232 Gyöngyös, Pálosvörösmarti utca 70.
CIB Bank Zrt: 10700299-67907241-51100005
If the reservation is not guaranteed by the specified time, it will be canceled automatically.
Our hotel accepts cash, SZÉP Card (OTP, KH, MKB), advance payment and bank card payment methods:

In the case of cash payment, we can accept HUF, EUR, USD means of payment.
You can pay with the following bank and credit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, EC/MC, Cirrus/Maestro, American Express, JCB.
Payment is also possible:

With experience card:
With the SZÉP card: our hotel has a contract with all 3 service providers (OTP Bank, MKB Bank, K&H Bank). Accommodation pocket, Hospitality pocket and Leisure pocket can all be used. Tourism tax cannot be paid with Szép Kártya.
There is no currency exchange facility at the hotel.

We can provide our guests over 14 free of charge in sizes S-XXL.
In accordance with international environmental protection recommendations, your bathrobe will be changed free of charge every 3 days during your stay. Please indicate your request to our reception colleague.

Our hotel guests can use it for free. We provide firewood, a lighter and an axe. We can also provide raw materials for a fee. For more information, please contact our receptionist.

The outdoor and indoor playgrounds can be used by our guests between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. and can only be visited with parental supervision. Please consider the peace of the other guests and put the toys back in their place after use.

It can be found in every room.

Our hotel does not accept pets, but we welcome them in our 4 Seasons Völgyhotel.

If you come across a device or equipment in the hotel that needs repair, is damaged, inoperable, or not working properly, please notify the reception immediately.

Borrowing is possible for a fee.

Please notify HSB of your request on the following page: 

We can provide the following tools and services upon request: package delivery service, safe luggage storage service for arriving and departing guests, shoe cleaning kit, iron (with ironing stand), wake-up service, spare pillow available on request; personal and secure printing option on request; pillow selection; dry cleaning/dry cleaning or laundry and ironing services; multiple changes of bed linen, charging station (for various electrical devices) and/or different adapters, device suitable for external and internal communication - on request - with operating instructions (e.g. mobile phone), device suitable for external and internal communication in the room, bilingual (printed or digital) management with instructions (e.g. laptop)

Autumn school break - October 28-November 6, 2022
Christmas - December 23-26, 2022
Between two holidays - December 26-29, 2022.
New Year's Eve - December 29, 2022-2023. January 2

There is 1 private room available in the hotel. Ask our sales manager about the possibility and capacity of using this. In our Völgyhotel, located 150 m away, we can provide a room for 70 and 90 people.

All our rooms are air-conditioned.

By bus: There are direct flights to Mátrafüred from the surrounding cities (Eger, Gyöngyös, Budapest). Plan your trip by bus, click here for details.

Swim spa and jacuzzi use: HUF 2,999/person/occasion with advance reservation. With on-site booking: HUF 3,999/person/occasion. More information at the reception.

4 Seasons The swimming pool in our Völgyhotel is available from spring to autumn, during opening hours, supervised by staff and subject to prior registration. Please discuss the current opening hours in person with the reception colleague: 20/543 4444.

The minibar is only available upon prior request. If you request the minibar and its filling, please let us know at the time of booking.
If you have any complaints or comments during your stay here, please let us know by e-mail at or by calling 20 354 4444!
It can be found in every room.
A closed, camera-guarded parking lot is available for our hotel guests, which they can use free of charge.

Our hotel guests can use it free of charge during their stay.

By prior appointment. More information and course reservations:

We provide it free of charge, it can be found in the room.

You can choose from more than 50 types of HSB programs, for which we provide a HUF 5,000 coupon. The voucher can be redeemed at the High-Tech Sports Base (HSB) in Mátrafüred for a minimum purchase of HUF 20,000. The HUF 5,000 HSB voucher can only be redeemed for the HSB program. You can find more information at the reception, on the coupon in the HSB brochure, or on the website

The reception is available to our guests between 06:00 and 22:00.
Our 24-hour contact number: +36 20 543 4444

Single EU emergency number: 112
Police: 107
Firefighters: 105
Ambulances: 104

Our service, which can be requested all year round, requires a prior appointment at or in person at the reception.
Each room has a laptop safe.

It takes place every day between 08:00 and 16:00. If you press the "Do not disturb" button in the room on the panel next to the entrance, our female colleagues will not disturb you.

Please inform the reception of your special cleaning needs.

If you have special needs, ask at the reception!
It is free to use. Turn on the television with a single, short button press! After switching on, please wait 5-10 seconds for the TV channels to load! Switch on the T-COM set-top box and change the channel. Please do not touch the wires or move the equipment. Tourist map can be requested at the reception for a fee.
There are towels in every room, which are changed every two days. It is also possible to change the towel daily, if it is clearly indicated after use (by throwing the towel on the floor). Please help our hotel operate in an environmentally friendly way, only request a replacement if absolutely necessary!

Transfer available. For an exact price quote, please write to our e-mail address: or call our central contact number: 20/449 4444

Our hotel is equipped with a fire alarm system, which can be activated automatically by smoke detectors or by pressing the fire alarm boxes placed for this purpose in the corridors. If the emergency bell rings, you must leave the building immediately, according to the escape route placed in the rooms.

They are available for our guests on the ground floor at the entrance rest areas.

There is a charging station on the hotel grounds, specifically for charging electric cars. Fee: HUF 10,000/car/charging
Sewing kit can be found in the rooms.
Password is not required.
It can be found in the hotel area.

Fire protection

Do not bring or use pyrotechnic materials, flammable liquids, gas cylinders (equipment that can be operated with them) into the rooms and related rooms!
Do not use coffee makers, irons, stews and other heat-producing equipment (e.g. individual heating equipment)!
If you notice a malfunction of any hotel equipment, turn it off immediately and report it to the reception!
Do not place flammable decorations or lampshades on the lamp body, and do not use open-flame lighting devices!
Do not smoke in the room!

The fire hazard class of the rooms "D" is moderately fire hazard.
If you detect a fire in the rooms or in other areas of the building, please alert the other guests by pressing the middle part of the hand-held fire alarm in the corridor, or by saying "THERE IS FIRE!" start immediately by exclaiming and inform the reception.
In the event of a fire, the rooms must be de-energized using the switches in the rooms!
If possible, take the valuables from your personal possessions and leave the building via the escape route posted on the door!
If possible, start extinguishing the fire with the fire extinguisher or fire hose located in the corridor, if it can be extinguished in this way.
If you have extinguished the fire, be sure to notify the reception as well!
The electrical equipment placed in the premises must be used in accordance with the operating regulations. If you are not aware of this, ask the hotel staff for help!
When leaving the room, the electrical equipment brought by the guest must be disconnected. When removing electrical equipment from the plug sockets, make sure that it does not come out of the wall and, if possible, does not cause sparks!
In the rooms, media devices and electrical equipment break down or catch fire, they must first be disconnected from the electrical network, if possible, in the event of a fire, the extinguishing and alarm systems must be started, and the hotel staff must be notified.
It is forbidden to store or use flammable liquids in the hotel room - with the exception of beverages and cosmetics!
In the event of a fire, follow the advice and instructions of the staff when leaving the building, and be sure to follow the instructions of the fire department when the fire department arrives!
Draw attention to panic-free traffic, because this way it is much faster to evacuate the building.
If there is an obstacle to leaving the building, make sure the room is smoke-free by opening the window and sealing the door gaps!

If you have any comments or problems, please ask the RECEPTION for help!